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prelude in colour


an exhibition

 january 13, 2019

the little raven gallery


Prints from the show are available for sale. Please e-mail
which print you would like to purchase. 

We are standing in an ivory room where the artist is wearing a brocade dress sewn from the night sky, her lips painted red. Pinned to the wall is a self-portraiture piece, where she, Jesuuna, is perched on a wooden chair in front of a crimson canvas, embracing mother earth. She sits frozen in time, at the horizon where the earth, mountains, and skies meet. Within time, the artist becomes a work of art (Compositions of an Artist in Red). 

At a young age, Jesuuna coped with her hearing loss by creating art. In between acrylic painting and watercolouring, she began photographing everything and everybody around her, before eventually photographing herself.

When Jesuuna traveled to South Korea for the first time, in April of 2017, she experienced a visual and mental paradigm shift in both her personal life and as an artist. This shift led her to exploring the world with no plan in mind, except for following her intuition—life’s strongest compass. 

In August 2018, Jesuuna re-located to Sweden for the RUD Air Artist Residency in Bengtsfors (Aug–Sep, 2018) where she lived amongst other international artists. During this period, she exercised her creative freedom and was inspired by her surroundings. The rural countryside was quiet, so Jesuuna then began composing a world where everything came to life. She witnessed and listened to the symphony of colours singing all around her and felt liberated in this silent world. 


Prelude in Colour celebrates the beauty, desire, rebellion, independence, and heartbreak that one experiences while living. The exhibition marks the first quarter of the new moon of the new year—the waxing crescent, which signifies a great opportunity for change and a deeper lust for life. Like the waxing crescent, this show is an emblem of Jesuuna’s transition as an artist and her hope for greater things to come not only in her own life but in the current political, economical, and physical environment. This show traces the trajectory of Jesuuna’s odyssey all over the world. These photographs are relics from her life-altering period, preserved figments of another life in ink, paper, and flesh. 

Currently this space hosts thirty works cultivated over the last two years. Some photographs bleed red and blue, the colours of fire. Others feature a woman in nude bathing in sunlight while staring at the viewer, an oddity in nature. She has turned documenting her life in an ordinary environment into works of art and purposefully shares a part of herself to the world, hoping they will be inspired to live life in colour and endless imagination.

This exhibition is supported mainly from Patreon. Thank you to everyone who has given contributions and guidance throughout this journey. 

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