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artist statement

All of a sudden, my hand made a crimson streak from the left of the canvas to the right, to form something I had never seen before: a curve. I became fixated on this curve and what it could represent—it was neither the beginning nor the end of something, neither a line nor a shape. I pushed the curve near the edge of the canvas, and I knew then that my first painting was born. 

My colour field paintings are minimal compositions constructed by vibrant ovular shapes or concave spaces. The paintings are often symmetrical to achieve a sense of harmony and balance. Each varied combination of colours and forms create something unexpected, heightening feelings that the viewer may not have known or understood. 

I am interested in capturing the natural paradox of human emotions, like a painting that is tragic, sensual, serene, and explosive all at once. The representations encourage viewers to immerse themselves in a world where no rules exist, where shapes are familiar yet other-worldly and activate movement to challenge perception. Experiencing the abstract, emboldens viewers to become profoundly aware of their own existence and to be curious about their emotional state of being. The paintings allow one to measure their emotions, with colours acting as temperature.

These paintings are visceral, because they are my self expressions during many stages of change. Each painting is a self-portrait in time—studies of humanity through my experiences of grief, anguish, love, and more. Living life allows me to create and give life to these paintings. By painting, I seek the truth.

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